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Data Center Design, Environmental Control, and Critical Power Solutions

For over 30 years, DP Air has been trusted by 49 Fortune 100 companies
and thousands of medium to small businesses.

Companies Who Trust Us

Lifelock by Norton
Choice Hotels
American Airlines
Sutter Health

Our Capabilities

Providing Cost-Effective & Green Environmental Control and Critical Power Solutions

Data Center Design

Proper design of a data center is the most crucial step to ensuring limited downtime and lowering energy costs for the life of your data center. Our critical environment experts at DP Air will work with you to ensure peak performance and reliability of your data center.

DP Air - Data Center Design

Environmental Control

DP Air specializes in critical environment cooling and data center cooling, along with commercial HVAC solutions. We are proud to support energy-efficient cooling options including free cooling and Green Solutions.


Critical Power

DP Air offers critical data center power systems as part of our full-service solutions for critical environments. We work with leading manufacturers to provide world-class, factory-certified service on all equipment.

DP Air Data Center Critical Power System

Commercial HVAC

Commercial Building HVAC represents a significant operational cost. With DP Air as your partner, you gain a recognized expert in providing energy-efficient building HVAC solutions to assist you in reducing your energy expenditures and carbon footprint.

DP Air - Commercial HVAC Solutions

Why Partner With Us

Top Reasons Why Our Clients Trust Us

Green Data Center Designs

Our green solutions will help lower energy costs and potentially qualify businesses for utility rebates and tax incentives while simultaneously reducing the carbon footprint of operations. DP Air is dedicated to finding a green solution for each data center and critical environment needs.

Cost-Effective & Energy-Efficient Solutions

Proper design of a data center and commercial HVAC is the most crucial step to lowering energy costs for the life of a critical environment and commercial building. Proper design planning requires a thorough understanding of specific operations, support equipment, objectives and needs today and into the future.

30+ Years in the industry

For more than 30 years DP Air has been trusted by 49 of the Fortune 100 companies as well as thousands of medium and small businesses.

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