A Corporate Project

A project from DP Air

One of our data center clients asked us to do a project that involves the reconfiguration and conversion of some of their existing office space. This project involves creating a new fire rated electrical room which will contain new Russelectric Generator Paralleling Switchgear. The Russelectric Generator Paralleling Switchgear will combine three existing Generators to provide Standby power to the entire Corporate Facility. This new system will provide much needed redundancy (N+1). The current system is not an (N+1) type, which means that the loss of any one of the existing Generators could be catastrophic for our clients. With the new system we are providing, if one of the three Generators were to fail, nothing would be affected. The new Russelectric Paralleling Gear will also allow us to test and load bank (load each generator to its rated capacity) to verify that it will work during an emergency.  We designed this system so that we can add another utility service to increase the power available for the facility in the future. The project started last year with significant engineering and design work to determine the equipment requirements and produce the construction drawings. Very detailed method of procedures (MOP’s) are being completed as all of this work must be done without impacting our client’s data center operations. We anticipate completing this project this summer.

– The Corporate Team

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