Ahead of Schedule: DP Air Delivers

Vertiv DS085

The LA branch is finishing a project in Riverside.  We installed a Vertiv DS085 with an econophase pump and one Opticool chilled water unit. We also installed new supply runs to help cool customers’ server racks.

To help maintain the room temperature at the customer’s desired temperature, we installed two (2) DS042 units and performed temporary duct work at the hot spots in the server rows. The project was completed a month ahead of schedule, and we didn’t encounter any major issues while finishing the project.

DPair feb image 2

As part of the project, an iCOM-s module was installed with T2 and wireless sensors to read the temperature at the server rack and room temperature. The T2 sensors report back to the CRAC units and adjust the fan speed and cooling capacity. Once our techs installed all the supply ducts, the new CRAC unit and Opticool unit was started, and we performed the air balance on all the supply registers. Once all the new units were running, we removed the temporary units and sealed all the roof penetrations that were made for the temporary units.

DPair feb image 3

Miguel Ramirez was in charge of the project and did an excellent job completing the task ahead of schedule. We’ll be performing third-party commissioning the week of February 20th, and that will close another successful project for the LA Branch.

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