New year, New Goals!

As the new year begins, we all like to sit back and reflect on what we’ve achieved thus far, leading us to set new and higher goals for 2018. Some of us make small, day-to-day goals to keep our minds and bodies lifted, while others make long-term, high-reaching goals to spend the year working towards.


In the corporate office, we had a wide variety of goals! A few revolved around personal health and worldwide goals, such as living a healthier lifestyle, running six 5Ks, and peace all around. Although peace in the world on a large scale is out of our personal control, peace in our everyday lives and bringing peace to lives around us is entirely in our control. A few goals were something fun – such as buying and riding a new dirt bike and reading at least 2 books per month! Others included getting better sleep, spending more time doing what you love, enjoying the outdoors, and overall just being happy.


DP Air Gives Back

The holiday season is one for excitement, perhaps some added stress, but overall a wonderful time with family, friends, and loved ones celebrating. Many drinks, plenty of smiles, and hours of family festivities are always exciting to look forward to, yet some families don’t always have the easiest of times during the holidays. This year, two of DP Air’s offices took the initiative to reach out to their communities and lend a helping hand.


Protect Your Critical Power System with Clean Emergency Generator Fuel

We sat down and spoke with Mark Frazier, our Fuel Manager at the Phoenix branch, about the fuel services DP Air offers and other interesting aspects of fuel that are not commonly known.


The main type of fuel used in the generators DP Air provides fuel testing and filtration on is #2 red off road low sulfur diesel fuel. This type of diesel fuel is regulated to have up to 5% biodiesel fuel and made of organic material.


DP Air Lights the Night for Cancer Research!


This year, DP Air Corporation committed to support the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) by participating in their annual Light the Night walk event. LLS is the world’s largest voluntary health agency dedicated to blood cancers. The LLS mission is to cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma, and improve the quality of life for patients and their families.


Boosting Employee Morale – It’s the Little Things

When working in any company, keeping employee morale high is not only imperative but will benefit the company in the long run. That can be difficult to do when you have a high volume of work, quite a few employees, several branch locations, and employees working different shifts.


Employees that feel appreciated are more likely to enjoy coming to work each day and are generally more productive. Encouraging and appreciating someone can go a long way in the working world!


HVAC Technician Shares the Importance of Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance increases reliability and peak efficiency, and DP Air offers an array of services under contracts at designated intervals throughout the year. Regularly scheduled preventative maintenance will reduce repair costs and downtime, and we’ve reached out to Chris Poole from our Tucson branch for questions and details.


DP Air Shares Utility Outages and HVAC Preventative Maintenance Tips

The excruciating summer heat is one we are quite familiar with. The heat can cause some serious problems, most importantly with your AC and causing unplanned utility outages. Higher summer temperatures raise the temperature of your unit/device, and when you’re also pulling more current through the device on top of that, it can cause equipment failure. The power grid is constantly in use, but in the states of Arizona and Nevada, it nearly doubles in usage during the summer. Aside from the climbing temperatures, outages and damage can occur from monsoons, wind storms, and lightning storms.

To prepare for the grueling summer months, preventative maintenance should be done on HVAC units before the spike in temperature. During the summer, DP Air has as many technicians needed to respond to service calls, but having yearly preventative maintenance done may just ensure you’re not sweltering in the summer heat with an HVAC problem!

We spoke to our Phoenix and Las Vegas branch to better understand how to prepare for outages, what to do when you have an unplanned outage, and gather more information about HVAC preventative maintenance.