Boosting Employee Morale – It’s the Little Things

DP Air Boosting Employee Morale – It’s the Little Things

When working in any company, keeping employee morale high is not only imperative but will benefit the company in the long run. That can be difficult to do when you have a high volume of work, quite a few employees, several branch locations, and employees working different shifts.


Employees that feel appreciated are more likely to enjoy coming to work each day and are generally more productive. Encouraging and appreciating someone can go a long way in the working world!

We reached out to each of our branches to see what they do to boost employee morale and to hear about a few things they’d like to implement in the future!


The Phoenix Branch rewards great work with Above and Beyond bonuses and gives cash to employees that are specifically praised by a customer. They also bring cake to the office to celebrate all employee birthdays within a given month. They are interested in bringing back branch BBQs and even making their own game of corn hole!


At our San Francisco branch, they like to take their technicians out for their birthday to a lunch of their choice, award gift cards for jobs well done and even have breakfast meetings at the office! Technicians have also been known to be awarded with dinner for two to recognize them for their continued efforts for the company.


Birthday lunches, spur-of-the-moment catered lunches at the office, coffee runs for the office team and occasional happy hours are a few different ways that our Tucson branch make an effort to boost employee morale. In staff meetings, any technician that has received customer praise or that has delivered great performance is recognized and provided a gift card. They intend to start having BBQs every few months, as they did one for Labor Day and it was a hit!


At the Los Angeles branch, Bob Winston likes to put together a seasonal/themed guessing game! Last holiday season, Bob put small bells in a container and asked everyone to guess what was in the container and how many there were. Although no one was able to guess what the objects were, the person who guessed the closest number of bells in the container won the prize! Other ways the LA Branch likes to show appreciation to their employees is through their stomachs! Bob has regular lunch meetings with his employees, buys breakfast and lunch for technicians that work over the weekend and has birthday lunches with each employee. They would like to add Bingo or a monthly drawing for prizes in the near future.


The Las Vegas branch likes to do team lunches, BBQs, and occasional happy hours. An Above and Beyond bonus or a gift card is given to employees for customer praise or a job well done. Birthdays are celebrated for office staff and milestone birthdays are celebrated for field service employees. In the future, they hope to create incentives for their employees based on metrics around call backs and productivity.


The Corporate branch tries a variety of things including a monthly breakfast celebration for all employee birthdays within a given month, quarterly team lunches and a monthly happy hour with the Phoenix branch. Candy is placed throughout the office just in case there is a need for a sugary pick-me-up. In the future we may bring in a jar of positivity for anyone that may need something to brighten their day!


As a company, we like some friendly inter-company competition! Each year we do a DP Air Football Pool, which has over 40 participants this year! An annual Halloween Costume Contest is held where the winner is chosen by our CEO and receives a $50 gift card! We also had a reward designated for the branch that raised the most money for our selected charity this year and the competition was steep! Lastly, a companywide email goes out every Monday that includes an inspirational quote, a word of the week, and to keep everyone laughing, a dad joke.


Each branch has been doing a great job keeping their employees motivated and all have plans to keep the morale high in the future! It’s never too much or too hard to give someone a “thank you”. Doing something small can go a long way in the workplace, especially during a busy season. Recognizing and appreciating employees for their part in keeping the company moving forward is an easy step in company growth!

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