First-Class Commercial Building HVAC Services

Commercial Building HVAC or ‘comfort cooling’ is important for optimal employee performance. Comfort cooling represents a significant operational cost.
With DP Air as your partner, you gain a recognized expert in providing energy-efficient building HVAC solutions to assist you in reducing your energy expenditures and carbon footprint.

DP Air energy-efficient environmental cooling
DP-Air first class commercial building hvac services

Factory-Trained Support of Cooling Systems

HVAC can account for up to 50% of a building’s energy costs, making it vital to find energy-efficient solutions. Through specialized equipment controls and maintenance, the highest level of energy efficiency can be established.

DP Air is proud to partner with leading manufacturers to provide cost-effective service on all equipment. DP Air professionals are factory-trained.

Our professions have invested over 1,000,000 hours caring for and servicing our customers’ equipment.

Cooling Systems Installed and Serviced

  • Air-Cooled Package Units
  • Water Source Heat Pumps
  • Boilers
  • Chillers
  • Cooling Towers
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Air Flow and Water Balancing
  • Process Cooling
  • Humidity Control Systems
  • Pump Stations
  • System Monitoring
  • Controls for Building Management Systems
  • Leak Detection Technology and Refrigerant Recycling Equipment

Preventive Maintenance and Service Contracts

Typical preventive maintenance (PM) contracts include an array of services performed according to manufacturer specifications at designated intervals throughout the year.

Preventive Maintenance Services

  • Air Filter Replacement
  • Cleaning
  • Lubrication
  • Full Operational Check

Preventive maintenance increases reliability and peak efficiency while reducing the frequency and severity of emergency service calls.

DP Air technicians will provide factory-trained, certified service for all equipment to confirm all support equipment is operating per factory specifications.

Our regularly scheduled preventative maintenance program will reduce repair costs and downtime. In a business where downtime results in lost sales and revenue, DP Air is proud of its ongoing commitment to keep every client’s systems operating efficiently.

Building Management Systems (BMS)

Building management systems (BMS) conserve energy and other costly resources in data centers and commercial buildings. DP Air offers an extensive line of products, services and solutions to help you save money by controlling, monitoring and optimizing building functions. These systems will help you conserve energy while you maximize productivity and ensure building security.

Services and Solutions

  • Building Automation
  • Building Security and Access
  • BMS Power Management and Monitoring
  • BMS Integration
  • BMS Preventive Maintenance

Whether you are a facilities manager, data center manager, IT manager or corporate executive, you recognize the critical importance of reducing costs and controlling security risks. Installing a proper building management system will let you optimize building functions and secure your facility.

DP Air’s professionally trained specialists will work with you to assess your building management needs and develop a comprehensive solution to seize all of the security opportunities and cost-saving benefits appropriate for your data center. We will collaborate with your team to fully understand your company goals and budget constraints. Whether you need to upgrade existing systems or begin a new project, DP Air’s building management specialists will help you find an effective, efficient solution.

DP Air specialists have over 30 years’ experience servicing building management systems and installing new systems from a wide range of automation and controls manufacturers. We are not married to a single BMS vendor – rather our goal is to bring “best of breed” solutions to your data center. We partner with companies like Schneider Electric to help you reduce costs and security risks while increasing availability and optimizing use of resources.

The highly-trained specialists in DP Air’s Commercial HVAC division have decades of experience in managing all aspects of your building HVAC including installation, maintenance, service, replacement and upgrade of equipment and components.

Are you ready to start on a project?

Partner with us and let’s work together in ensuring availability & reliability on your critical operations.

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