Customer Letters

I just wanted to send Arnie a note to thank him for all of the work he completed at our Corporate Data Center.

It was recently discovered that a structural column which held up the roof of the main Data Center had been compromised by rust due to a prior roof leak. This substantially weakened the structural support beam which was located in close proximity of our main fiber entrance for the Data Center. Had that beam failed, it would have been catastrophic as the Data Center and our business operations would have been severely impacted.

My team contacted the original general contractor who built the Data Center structural columns, resulting in a bid in excess of $2M and multiple weeks of down time for the Data Center. We could not move forward with that recommendation. I had also instructed my team to contact Arnie, as the structural support beam was a Data Center element, to see if Arnie had a better way to resolve this issue.

Arnie’s repair of the structural support beam without additional shoring and without any negative impact to the Data Center, not only saved over $2M with the total repair costs, but also allowed us to avoid any impact to our business operations because we did not have to shut down our Data Center.

Thank you so much for looking out for our best interest while protecting our Data Center and business operations. My team and I consider DP Air a valued partner and not just a supplier or contractor. We appreciate your efforts for our continued success.

We had a major upgrade of our critical UPS systems. Due to the criticality and nature of our business it was made clear to DP AIR that we had three major business objectives that had to be met.

•Strict adherence to On-time and within Budget Delivery
•Clear and Concise Client Communications leading up to and during (real-time) conversion
•No Downtime to any Critical Operation and Business Applications

There is obvious risk to any conversion of this type while you are working concurrently with live Client environments. I am happy to report that the job was performed to World Class expectations and as a result of their efforts there was not a single minute of downtime realized!

One of the more impressive things I will remember is that upon one occasion when attempting to do a switchover, a critical component failed and we were ‘at risk’ of realizing a major impact to our Operation. This situation while tense was made less so, in the manner the DP Air Experts dealt with the situation.
The on-site crisis team including the CEO, Amie W. Evdokimo, worked through the night in a very methodical manner and was able to mitigate the situation without any downtime to our operation or to our Clients operation.

I sincerely want to thank Arnie and the DP Air Team for your service and contributions over the past few years. We started working together in November of 2012 when our primary data center lost power to the entire facility due to a mechanical failure. The power outage was a near enterprise-wide catastrophic failure since the backup power also failed and the majority of all critical medical applications and patient records were unable to be accessed by clinical and physician teams at 41 hospitals and 250 clinics.

At the time of the failure, we had electrical contractors immediately engaged and after two hours assessing the situation, they were still unable to give my team a clear indication as to when they could have power restored and indicated it could be at least 12 hours before they would know. After receiving this news, I immediately contacted Arnie who arrived at our facility within 30 minutes and was able to get the power restored within 45 minutes. Every minute was critical since thousands of nurses and doctors rely on these systems to treat their patients.

Once we were able to restore the systems and networks back to normal production, my team engaged Arnie and his team to conduct a comprehensive assessment of our power infrastructure for the primary data center. The assessment took approximately 90 days and the DP Air team found nearly 28 single points of failure that could cause a complete data center outage similar to or even worse than the November outage. We worked together with DP Air’s team to quickly put together a plan to remediate the 28 single points of failure and implement a solution that would serve our current and future needs. The plan to upgrade the data centers power infrastructure was approved and approximately six months after the failure, the team began an incredibly sophisticated implementation that required zero downtime.

After approximately two years of major power infrastructure upgrades, our primary data center is now in a highly protected redundant state due to the meticulous planning and flawlessly executed implementation of the new power infrastructure. I am forever grateful and appreciative of the work Arnie and the DP Air team has done supporting us and look forward to a long standing relationship between our teams.

I wanted to take a moment and thank Arnie and the DP Air team for all their efforts and hard work to make our new data center buildout a success.

We started out with a building shell and DP Air turned it into a first class tier three data center. With our A/B configuration, dual generators and paralleling switching gear, our operations are poised to be running 24×7, 365 days today and well into the future thanks to design elements that DP Air incorporated into our new facility. Our executive staff loved the redundancy and automation that was designed into this system. The testing and commissioning was flawless and exciting to watch.

The DP Air dedicated Project Manager on site, kept me informed of progress, weather delays, City mandated changes and handled everything allowing me to concentrate on my day to day duties.

We are proud of our Data Center and we all rest much better at night knowing that it will keep humming right along no matter what.

Thanks to you and your team for all your efforts.

I would like to convey to Arnie and the entire DP Air team my sincere appreciation and gratitude for the design, engineering, implementation – and ultimately – successful completion of the refresh of our entire data center’s critical electrical and mechanical infrastructure without any downtime or impact to the raised floor computing environment.

During one of our initial planning meetings, I conveyed to DP Air the importance of eliminating any and all potential negative impacts on our system(s) that provide care to our patients as well as the 1000’s of applications used by the 60,000+ employees. “Well, then that’s what we’ll do!” Arnie said with extreme confidence.

Five years later the work was complete – on time, within budget, without any downtime or unplanned interruption to the business including major logistical challenges during the pandemic.
From our doctors, nurses, patients, staff, myself and my team – THANK YOU for all the hard work, long hours, attention to detail and complete dedication – a tremendous job well done! This was one hell of a ride! Couldn’t have done it without DP Air.

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