Cost-Effective Data Center Design & Solutions

Proper design of a data center is the most crucial step to ensuring limited downtime and lowering energy costs for the life of your data center.

The first and most important step in constructing a data center is design planning to meet the intended goal. Our critical environment experts at DP Air will work with you to ensure peak performance and reliability of your data center before the first concrete is poured. Proper design for data center planning requires a thorough understanding of your specific operation, support equipment, objectives and needs today and into the future. DP Air’s team of architects and mechanical and electrical engineers will work closely with you to ensure your data center design is energy-efficient today and scalable for future expansion. Complex critical power and cooling components, combined with security and monitoring specifications, are integrated into all of our designs. Our goal is to determine a functional and cost-effective solution for your organization. With our decades of experience, DP Air ensures maximum reliability and efficiency of each data center we design and build.

DP Air cost-effective data center design
DP-Air resillient data center critical power solution

Design – Build – Maintain

Our team of architects, consultants and mechanical and electrical engineers will work closely with you to create a design that provides a cost-effective and energy-efficient solution. Once the design for the data center is complete, DP Air will manage the entire project to ensure it is completed on time and on budget. Post construction, we will continue to work with you to service all equipment and ensure your data center operates at its most efficient with the highest network availability.

Not only is DP Air experienced in the data center design process, we remain an integral partner for the entire project from conception to completion and beyond. DP Air provides consulting and expertise when it comes time to consolidate, upgrade or start new construction in your data center. Your company can rest easy knowing DP Air has over 30 years of experience in:

  • Data Center Consulting
  • Green Data Center Design
  • Data Center Site Selection
  • General Contractor Full Project Support
  • Data Center Disaster Prevention
  • Data Center Disaster Recovery
  • Complete Maintenance Services

DP Air’s experienced staff and consultants design dozens of systems each year. A typical contractor or outside engineering firm may only design one or two data centers in that time. Data centers are our life and our livelihood. We have completed hundreds of data center installations and upgrades. Our familiarity and immersion in data center projects is a key advantage of working with DP Air.

Full Project Support

Building a data center requires multiple building permits. Each data center must meet multiple federal, state and local agency requirements. DP Air has been in the industry for over 30 years. We are well versed in the requirements and steps necessary to ensure projects are completed according to applicable building codes, local and state laws and statutes. We will acquire the necessary permits and authorization. We then will manage and design your data center infrastructure while you focus on your company’s core competencies to grow profits and meet business goals.

Total Cost of Ownership

Total cost of ownership is important to consider when planning and designing a data center. Your data center planning and budgeting must involve more than just initial infrastructure investment calculations. Our engineering energy analysis goes far beyond capital and installation investments and examines the impact of design decisions on future operational and maintenance factors. DP Air’s goal is to offer the highest value possible to you for the lifetime of your data center, beginning with its design.

Planning for Expansion

A properly designed data center should be appropriately sized to meet all current needs with flexibility for future expansion. To ensure peak performance and survivability, you can rely on DP Air’s leading-edge expertise to design a customized data center that meets your needs now and into the future. Any future expansion should be easy with no downtime. Our designs take this important element into our construction for seamless growth or expansion.

Full-Service Data Center Specialists

DP Air is your full-service, one-stop partner for all critical environment needs including design, installation and maintenance. For years, we have been known as air-conditioning and power experts. With over 30 years of experience, DP Air has trusted critical environment specialists available to assist clients with all system needs including design, critical power, data center or comfort cooling, building management and automation, preventative maintenance and 24x7x365 service with a two-hour on-site emergency response guarantee. All of our technicians are “factory trained” and we stock a huge OEM parts inventory.

Data Center Location & Site Selection

Selecting a data center location is vital to ensuring availability and the first step in optimizing your data center operations. Four major factors must be considered when deciding on a data center location:

  • Cost
  • Site Risk
  • Accessibility
  • Construction

Other factors such as zoning will also be important to consider based on needs.

Data center location selection is one of the most crucial factors when preparing to occupy a facility. Once a decision has been made, it is extremely difficult and costly to move to or build another facility. DP Air has over 30 years of experience in evaluating all necessary factors when selecting a data center site location.

Uptime Institute Data Center Tier Classifications

Data Center Tier Levels are based on site infrastructure and resulting availability. The first and most basic is a Tier 1 Data Center, which follows basic guidelines for the installation of computer systems and is most often called a server room. The most rigid level is a Tier 4 data center, which is designed to host mission critical computer systems, with fully redundant subsystems and compartmentalized security zones controlled by strict security access controls methods.

The four data center tier levels are defined by the Uptime Institute, which serves as a Data Center think tank and professional services organization. The levels describe the availability of data from the site infrastructure. The higher the tier, the greater the maintainability and redundancy, and as a result the greater the cost to obtain and maintain that particular tier level.

Uptime Institute Data Center Tier Levels

  • Tier I: Basic Site Infrastructure
  • Tier II: Redundant Site Infrastructure Capacity Components
  • Tier III: Concurrently Maintainable
  • Tier IV: Fault Tolerant Site Infrastructure

The purpose of this standard is to equip design professionals, data center operators and non-technical managers with an objective and effective means for identifying the anticipated performance of different data center site infrastructure design topologies.

This standard establishes four distinctive definitions of data center site infrastructure Tier classifications (Tier I, Tier II, Tier III, Tier IV), and the performance confirmation tests for determining compliance to the definitions. The data center Tier classifications describe the site-level infrastructure topology required to sustain data center operations, not the characteristics of individual systems or subsystems. This standard is predicated on the fact that data centers are dependent upon the successful and integrated operation of several separate site infrastructure subsystems, the number of which is dependent upon the individual technologies (e.g., power generation, refrigeration, uninterruptible power sources, etc.) selected to sustain the operation. Every subsystem and system integrated into the data center site infrastructure must be consistently deployed with the same site uptime objective to satisfy the distinctive data center Tier requirements.

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