DP Air Gives Back


The holiday season is one for excitement, perhaps some added stress, but overall a wonderful time with family, friends, and loved ones celebrating. Many drinks, plenty of smiles, and hours of family festivities are always exciting to look forward to, yet some families don’t always have the easiest of times during the holidays. This year, two of DP Air’s offices took the initiative to reach out to their communities and lend a helping hand.

In San Francisco, we adopted 10 children and bought them gifts off of their wish lists! They were delivered to a warehouse and then distributed to the children for the holidays. It was rewarding to help ensure a child had a happy holiday.

To give back to the Phoenix community, DP Air’s Corporate office adopted a family from the event run by Team Jaydie at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. We were able to provide outfits, toys and a grocery gift card to a family of five, the youngest of which is a patient at the Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

DP Air Corporation doesn’t just donate during the holidays, but to many charities year-round. Some of them include ALS, the Salvation Army, and Flying Samaritans for Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. We have also sponsored golfing events through Cox charities each year that works with many different charities in the Phoenix area. DP Air contributed the most this year to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, participating in the Light the Night walk and raising over $11,000.00!

There are many ways to help your community, giving donations is only one of them. In 2018, DP Air wants to continue donating and working with charities to give back to our communities!


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