DP Air is Staying Positive

Positive mind, vibes, and life

DP Air Corporation is committed to our customers so we continue to make ourselves available 24/7 because we do critical and essential work. However, during this difficult time, we have had to adjust and modify and many of our employees are adapting to working at home.

I reached out to those employees asking them how they were adjusting to their new “office space” and what they were doing to make the experience positive.

“Working from home has been easier than I thought it would be. I am one of those people who are regimented and love having a routine and sometimes change takes me a while to get used to. I found that sticking to a routine has helped me mentally with what is going on outside of my home/work. So I get up every day around 4:30 am (when I commute to the office I get up at 3:45 am). I walk every morning, and now I am able to meditate before 7:00 am. Even though I am lucky enough to be able to work from home, I get dressed, put my face on, and do my hair before I start work. This has helped me as I work from home.”

“I have children at home so I’ve had to be creative with how I work from home and manage my family. I stick to a routine with the kids and with my work and that has been super helpful. My work station is in my kitchen on the counter and I sit side by side next to my youngest child. While I work she does her homework and if she has questions we go over them on my lunch break, this seems to work great!”

“The main complication I have is not being around the conveniences of technology like the scanner, copier, and a quick printer! Other than that things have been pretty positive, especially my commute!”

“I absolutely love my home office. The natural light, the view, the birds chirping in the mornings, it’s beautiful and peaceful.”

A pool near a fence

So for those of you that have had to make changes and adjust to new scenery, try to make the most of your situation, there is good and bad, hard and convenient, but where we place our focus makes all of the difference.

“She stood in the storm, and when the wind did not blow her way, she adjusted her sails.” – Elizabeth Edwards.

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