DP Air Las Vegas: Building a Winning Reputation One Customer at a Time


In September of 2019, one of our clients and Schneider Electric approached DP Air Corporation’s Las Vegas Branch regarding some issues that they were having with their Daikin Chillers.  These chillers were serving a multitude of sites in the Las Vegas and Henderson Metropolitan Valley area and the matter was concerning.  However, DP Air Las Vegas Branch was up to the challenge!

DP Air technician, Martin Sanabria, assisted in writing a sequence of operation for the gears that, not only resolved the problems but also took the already efficient Magnetic Bearing Chillers to a new efficiency level.

Molasky Daikin WMC

The Las Vegas Branch is a Service Authorized Partner (SAP) for Daikin Applied Equipment.  The Las Vegas Branch provides Factory Trained Staff to perform Daikin Equipment Commissioning and provide Warranty Services for Daikin Applied Factory.

In the past, projects have included the 51’s Semi-Pro Baseball Field, the UFC Training Facility Offices and the Google Data Facilities.  Currently, Las Vegas has a list of Daikin Chillers in process of receiving a factory start-ups as these units have already been installed.

Daikin Oil Free Magnetic Bearing Compressor

Daikin Applied Magnetic Bearing Chillers operate without oil.  Unlike the traditional oil lubricated bearings, these bearings are suspended in a magnetic field.  The bearing operation is a combination of electrical magnetic forces used to lift and suspend the shaft that turns the impeller.  The impeller turns at as much as 35,000 RPM to lift and compress the refrigerant in the same way that a traditional Centrifugal Chiller performs.  This technology runs on 480 Volts of AC power and then is converted to run on as much as 700 Volts DC, much like VFD Technology.


The Las Vegas Branch continues to build a great reputation as the “Go-To Team” for Chiller Factory Support, Warranty, Repairs and Preventative Maintenance Programs.  DP Air Corporation, Las Vegas, has also provided continued support of Software and Controller Upgrades.  This gives our customers updated technology and only DP Air Corporation, Las Vegas, is allowed to perform this work in Southern Nevada.

Some of our upgraded buildings include; a Federal Building, a County District building and a large department store.

The Las Vegas Branch loves doing great work for their great customers!

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