DP Air San Francisco: Overcoming CRAC Project Obstacles

Our San Francisco Branch has been busy and recently started a new project in San Jose, California. They are replacing 17 CRAC units! For this project to be successful, the team has to break down each unit into four pieces to make it fit into the elevator.

Once the units are transferred through the elevator and inside the suite, the team must put everything back together. Not only does our San Francisco branch have to break down the new units, but they also have to break down the old units to be able to take them down the elevator and out of the building.

This job is also unique in that the team can’t start working until 5:00 pm. The job has been managed by Ray Carroll and Johnny Luna, who are doing a great job. In a two-week period, our team has completed five units and started two units.  This project is expected to take four months, but with two of our very best, we may just finish early and with no issues. 

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