Grandparents Day with DP Air

September 10th was National Grandparents Day, a Hallmark-type holiday to collectively celebrate and honor our grandparents. Grandparents Day is a time to pause and appreciate the older generations of our families and to pay respect to the influence our grandparents had in our lives. Here at DP Air, we sure love our grandparents, and below are some pictures and stories about a few of our favorites.

National Grandparents Day

“My Grandfather is one of the best men I have ever known. He is kind, funny, and has the best heart of gold. Learning all about his time in the military, how he met my Grandmother, and all his other stories are just some of my fondest memories of him. But nothing is more special than all the times spent with him just hanging out with him, from family trips to San Diego, Alaska, holidays, or just time spent at home. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful grandfather, and getting a day to celebrate him like this on Grandparents Day is an honor. “To a granddaughter, having a grandpa is like having an angel on earth.” Happy Grandparents Day!”

– Lorinda Schritter (Corporate)

National Grandparents Day

Before my grandpa passed, he was the life of the party everywhere he went. He was kind and gentle, and he loved his grandkids; however, I was his favorite! My grandpa loved it when our family was all together, so he and my grandma always made sure there were family activities and vacations on everyone’s calendars. On one particular vacation, we had “themed” days, and one theme was “Olympic Day.” Everyone dressed in workout clothes, stretched, and prepared for the chance to win a gold medal from races that were created. One of the races was running with a raw egg on a spoon from point ‘A’ to point ‘B,’ and if the egg dropped, the participant was out of the race. My grandpa flew through the race with the quickest time, and everyone was so impressed with how fast he could go without dropping the egg! We were so amazed that we wanted to know what his trick was… and then we saw it. On his spoon, underneath the egg was Grandpa’s chewed gum! He had cheated and stuck his egg on his spoon with gum!!! The family couldn’t stop laughing, so we ended up awarding my grandpa with an ‘Honorable Mention’ award!!!”

National Grandparents Day

“I am so grateful for the relationship I had with my grandpa

Gary and all of my grandparents.”

– Letice Jolley (Corporate)

Happiest Grandparents Day to all of the DP Air Grandparents!

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