May is Mental Health Awareness Month in the United States, and It’s Something that is Very Important to Talk About.

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There are many ways to improve your mental health if you struggle with mild depression or anxiety, which are common illnesses affecting many adults around the world. Simpler solutions include the one-hour rule: spend at least one hour, 1/24th of your day on yourself, doing something that makes you feel good. Whether that be exercise, dancing, yoga, reading, cooking, etc. Making a promise to spend time on yourself in solitude is important. Service animals have also been a huge help for many individuals, providing unconditional love and assistance if anything goes wrong. Maintaining a healthy work/life balance is also important, ensuring that you’re able to separate yourself from your daily working activity and spend time relaxing and enjoying other aspects of life.

Another imperative aspect of mental health is sleep hygiene. Ensuring that you’re not only getting enough sleep, but sleeping well, is directly correlated to better mental health. There are many ways to naturally stimulate your sleep pattern, including using lavender oils, lotions, melatonin, or meditation and soothing sounds to calm your mind before sleep. Another helpful mental wellness tip is to challenge your brain by learning new skills, or participating in new activities.

If you don’t think your mental health is manageable on your own, it’s encouraged that you reach out to a health professional with your concerns, as there are many other ways you can improve your mental health if you feel as though you cannot do so on your own.

There’s a stigma in society about discussing mental health, the struggles that go along with it, and how to reach out for help. We want to alleviate that in any way that we can, and fortunately, DP Air offers many options through ADP. Through the login portal, you can access LifeCare, which offers guidance through many difficult life events, as well as providing information on face-to-face EAP sessions, resources, or phone assistance. The number to call is 855-268-1006, you can schedule a call online or call anytime. ADP offers help with work-related problems as well, and as always, everything is confidential.

Not only in May, but in every month out of the year, mental health matters.

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