National Pet Month

Pets keep us going every day.  They are a part of our families and hearts, they bring comfort when we are down and they are just plain cute!

Did you know that 80 million homes in America have an animal family member?  And about half of those households have more than one?  Say “Hello” to National Pet Month in May.  What a fun way to celebrate how important our pets are!

National Pet Month attracts thousands of animal lovers to celebrate the value of pet ownership.  Every year National Pet Month brings together animal welfare charities, businesses, and schools to promote good pet ownership, raise funds for good causes and have fun.

We love to shout about the rewards and benefits of owning a pet while encouraging responsibility, increasing awareness of pet care specialists, and promoting the value of assistance and companion animals.

We asked you how your pets were adjusting to your new “work from home” schedule and here are a few responses:

“The pet situation is great for them, and a bit distracting for me at times!”

“My dog LOVES that I am working from home, she is always right by my side whether I want her to be or not!!!”

“My cat seems to be more of an introvert than an extrovert and, although he likes my company, I think he is eager to have the place to himself again!”

“My dog has mixed feelings about the shelter at home order… he loves that I am home all of the time but he isn’t as fond of my kids being at home!  It’s a love/hate relationship!”

However you and your furry friends are adapting to the recent changes, we hope you are staying healthy and happy.

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