National Anonymous Giving Week

DPA Anonymous Giving Hands Circle

National Anonymous Giving Week is celebrated annually during the third full week of March. DP Air believes it is important to give back whenever and however we can.

Giving anonymously can be as simple as leaving a kind note for someone to find or sending cookies anonymously to brighten up someone’s day. It can also be more monetary, like a monetary donation to a charity or an organization.

DPA Thank You Note

National Anonymous Giving Week is important because it celebrates kindness, shifts perspectives, focuses on what’s important, and makes the world a better place. Nothing expresses love better than helping someone in need – and in this society, where taking credit may seem important, nothing is more noble than focusing on making a positive impact rather than getting recognition.

DPA Kindness

We encourage everyone to spread the word and to participate in National Anonymous Giving Week in any way you can. Charity and giving will always have positive effects on society. As we share values of communal development on National Anonymous Giving Week, we do our part to make the world a better place.

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