National “Do a Grouch a Favor” Day, February 16th, 2022

Oscar the grouch

What is National “Do a Grouch a Favor” Day?  It seems as though no one knows where or how this day started, there is nothing recorded anywhere on how it originated!  However, let me reassure you, this holiday has a purpose!


Have you ever had a bad day when everything seems to annoy and frustrate you?  We have all been a grouch at least one or twice (if not regularly).  On those days, have you ever wished that something or someone would turn your day around?  Well, that is the purpose about this day!


There are many ways to cheer someone up, it can be a big gesture or something subtle:


Listening may seem like a simple place to start but a lot of grouchy people are in need of someone to listen to their woes. By listening, they will be able to vent and you may even start to understand why they are the way they are.


Thoughtful Gifts brighten up anybody’s day, even a grouch’s day!  Giving a gift can be something as simple as some flowers or a yummy treat.  Letting someone know that you are thinking about them can be a powerful thing.


Smile.  This may seem cheesy but it works!  Just smiling at someone who is not feeling very chipper can help reverse their mood, even if for a second.  Not only does smiling at a person improve their mood, it also improves yours.  When you smile your brain releases dopamine, endorphins and serotonin which are designed to fend off stress.


By the time you are done adding a little light into the life of a grump, at least one person will be glad you observed National “Do a Grouch a Favor” Day on February 16th.

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