National Dog Appreciation Day


Devoted companionship. Constant entertainment. Unconditional love. Do you love dogs? Here at DP Air, we do too! August 26th is National Dog Day, and of course, every day is Dog Day if you have a loving pooch at home. However, we can always use another excuse to go above and beyond for the canines who show us love all year long.

Most of us dog lovers know that life is better with a dog. But is that knowledge based on a feeling – or is there something else at work? Science says that spending time with canine companions does wonders for our well-being. Recent research shows that owning a dog benefits you physically and emotionally. Dogs make us happier and healthier while also helping us get through hard times. Here are 10 science-backed benefits of having a dog:

  1. Dogs make us feel less alone.
  2. Dogs are good for our hearts.
  3. Dogs help us with stress.
  4. Dogs help us cope with crises.
  5. Dogs encourage us to move.
  6. Dogs make us more attractive and even get more dates!
  7. Dogs make us more social.
  8. Dogs can smell disease.
  9. Dogs make us happier.
  10. Dogs help seniors with cognitive function and social interaction.

A four-footed best friend provides unconditional love and support, and science confirms it!

Meet some of our four-legged furry friends!

Danielle Sparks

This is Odin, who also goes by “Smookems”! He is 7 months old and belongs to Danielle Sparks (Phoenix). Danielle says that he is quite the handful and that he thinks that he is a human!

Kristi OConnor

This beautiful girl is Zoe. Her owner is Kristi O’Connor (Corporate), and Kristi’s favorite thing about Zoe is her cuddles.

stephanie berry

Up next is Stephanie Berry’s (Los Angeles) fur-baby, Max! Max is a pound puppy adopted when he was about two years old. Steph loves Max’s goofiness and how he always amuses the family. One way he entertains is by climbing a tree in their yard, and he smiles the entire way up!!!

Tom Calo

Meet Tonto! This is Tom Calo’s (Phoenix) pride and joy! Tonto is very loyal and a brilliant pup. He is a Blue Heeler and will be 2 years old in October. This dog knows over 20 tricks, but his favorite trick is called “back-back”; it’s where he walks backward while spinning. He is also a very talented Frisbee dog!

Dan Walker

Dan Walker (Phoenix) just adopted this 8-pound baby girl. Her name is Pickles, and she is excited to be in her new family!

Chris Poole

Here’s a photo of Chris Poole’s (Tucson) daughter’s doggies. Emma (the big one) and Fitzwilliam. Emma is a Dalmador, and Fitz is a Jack Chee. As you may have noticed, Chris’s daughter is a big fan of Jane Austen!

Lorinda Schritter

Lorinda Schritter’s (Corporate) English Mastiff’s are each about 250 pounds! Toby and Barney may be enormous, but they are so loveable. They follow Lorinda’s son everywhere he goes, especially when he is outside. What great protectors they are. This breed is known as “Gentle Giants,” and, according to Lorinda, this statement could not be truer.

Gary Morrison

Gray Morrison

Gray Morrison (Phoenix) couldn’t decide on one picture, so he sent three of his favorites!

Shannon Miller

Shannon Miller (Las Vegas) shares a picture of Pickle resting on his older sister and going on a truck ride. As you can see, Pickle is a complete ham!!!


Our San Francisco/Los Angeles Regional Manager, Javier Petriz, may be the biggest dog lover of all! He currently has six dogs and is fostering one for a total of SEVEN dogs!

Mandy Scholer

This is Rikki, the sweetest 2-year-old Border Collie. Rikki loves watching “Naked and Afraid” reruns with her owner Mandy Scholer (Tucson).

At DP Air, we LOVE our dogs, and even though people may think we are taking care of our canine companions, it’s obvious that our dogs take care of us!

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