National Pizza Month

four different pizzas

October is “National Pizza Month”, do you like the more simple pizza’s or do you have a unique favorite?  Do you make your own or do you have a favorite pizza place?  What is the strangest pizza you have ever tried?  Here at DP Air, we asked our employees about their pizza experiences and here is what they shared:

“Pizza is nothing to mess around with. If I’m ordering from somewhere (like Rosati’s) you can never go wrong with pepperoni and jalapenos.  My husband and I make pizza at home all the time!  We buy the dough from Trader Joes and we make a spicy sausage, green chilies and mozzarella pizza as well as a red sauce, pepperoni, jalapeno and mozzarella pizza.  Gotta have options!” – Erin Rehling

“By Thursday I am tired of cooking for my family so every Thursday we have pizza night.  My kids have very basic pallets so we typically go with traditional cheese and pepperoni pizza however, sometimes we mix it up a little.  Recently we have “spiced” things up and started ordering the three-meat pizza… I know, we are living on the edge!!!  When my husband and I order we tend to go with BBQ Chicken Pizza and it is delicious.  Hopefully our kids’ taste buds will evolve one day so we can have more options!!!”  – Letice Jolley

“My favorite pizza is pretty simple.  Pepperoni with black olives or Hawaiian!” – Sophia Snider

“My favorite local pizza places in the Phoenix Metro area (because I am from New Jersey, and if there is anything that we take seriously, it is the quality of our pizza) include: NYPD (New York Pizza Department), Bella Gusto’s, and Sal’s Pizzeria. I am one of the *controversial* people who does love Hawaiian pizza – complete with fresh basil, juicy chunks of pineapple, salty Canadian Bacon (or ham), and for a little extra spice, some pepperoncini peppers (also known as banana peppers).  For those less adventurous, I like to do a vamped up version of a classic Pizza Margherita – complete with the standard red tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, and basil. But in addition, I like to add ricotta cheese, roasted garlic, roasted red peppers, and drizzled with a reduced balsamic glaze.” – Victoria Vetterl

“So my favorite pizza is from Round Table. Chicken and Garlic Gourmet with extra garlic. It has to be burning hot or else it’s no good for me anymore.  When I have leftover pizza, I stick it in the microwave for about 2 minutes and then I put the pizza on a hot skillet with olive oil and I let the crust get crispy.  That is the only way I eat my leftover pizza.  I only like savory flavors, I dislike the Hawaiian pizza.”    Javier Petriz

As you can see, DP Air is serious about our pizza!  Maybe you will try one of the pizza options above and let us know how you like it!

Happy National Pizza Month Everyone!

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