Phoenix Delivers when Others Fall Short

The Phoenix branch recently completed a chiller replacement for one of the premier hospitals in the nation. The chiller provides redundant cooling for the client’s server room. Extensive pre-planning was required to ensure that the job was completed as quickly as possible with limited downtime for the client.

Originally, the client had awarded another mechanical firm and manufacturer to replace the chiller. The Phoenix branch sales team recognized that the proposed manufacturer did not have a chiller with the correct electrical requirements and worked with the client to propose an alternate solution. The sales team engaged one of their trusted vendors to help select a unit that matched the existing footprint, electrical, and structural requirements. Once the alternate solution was proposed to the client, they canceled their original project with the other mechanical firm and awarded DP Air the project.

After the project was awarded, the sales team collaborated extensively with the install team during the design phase to ensure all products and materials were approved, which ultimately accelerated the installation process. The install team was required to coordinate with the client, subcontractors, and the city, all in a short timeframe to keep everything on schedule. The chiller was installed and started up with no issues, and the client was extremely happy.

This project served as a great example of when you take the time in the preconstruction phase to get the entire team involved; it sets the foundation for an expedited and successful installation.

DPA HVAC chiller rooftop blue sky
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