Preventative Maintenance on Commercial HVAC

Commercial HVAC #1 - Replacing Air Filters

It can never be overstated the importance of maintaining your commercial HVAC equipment. What seems like a trivial and added expense during the more moderate period of outside weather, quickly becomes an essential item when the outside temperatures become unbearably hot or cold. Neglecting your HVAC equipment can become a bigger problem at the most inconvenient times.

A thorough quarterly check of your equipment can help deter your facility from not only inconvenient loss of productivity, but also possible collateral equipment down time leading to lost revenue.
Important items that DP Air will check and address on a preventative maintenance site visit include:

  • Air Filter Replacement – This is the leading cause of HVAC equipment failure. A dirty filter will not only cause a loss of airflow but it can lead to compressor failure. Compressor failure is due to liquid refrigerant entering the compressor, damaging valves and washing out the lubricating oil as a result of a frozen evaporator coil.
  • Evaporator and Condenser Coil Cleaning – DP Air will clean coils that are responsible for transferring the heat from the inside of your building to the outdoor air environment (and vice versa on a heat pump unit). Not only will a dirty evaporator coil cause the same symptoms as a dirty filter, but it can lead to other issues such as plugged condensate drains from dirt accumulation. Dirty outdoor condenser coils can cause excessive refrigerant head pressures leading to loss of capacity and premature compressor failure.
    Commercial HVAC #2 - Checking Contactor Voltage Drop
  • Electrical Components – On a 3 phase commercial piece of HVAC equipment, if the electrical contact points on a compressor relay become pitted, this can lead to what is called a single phase compressor burn out. Our technicians always check the voltage drop across these relays and advise to replace accordingly. The same goes for motor run capacitors, these devices are responsible for the rotation and speed of blower and condenser fan motors. If one becomes either weak or fails entirely, the motor will not only not operate, but it will get very hot trying to turn.
    Commercial HVAC #3 - Cleaning Coils
  • Motor and Blower Bearings – Condensing fan motor bearings, in particular, are a constant point of failure. These motors operate in a harsh environment, the bearings can become worn and may develop shaft play which will eventually result in a locked up motor. DP Air always checks every motor for shaft play and smooth operation along with proper running amperage.
    Commercial HVAC #4 - Checking Fan Motor Bearing Play
  • Refrigerant Levels – Proper refrigerant levels are not only important for proper cooling and heating capacity, but is responsible for cooling off the compressor as well. Improper refrigerant charge can result in a decreased compressor life span caused by winding degradation from excessive heat or lubricating oil washout from frozen evaporator coils.
    Commercial HVAC #5 - Checking Refrigerant Levels

A properly maintained commercial HVAC unit will not only give you years of service but also piece-of-mind knowing that unforeseen equipment breakdowns are being diminished by performing regular maintenance and equipment checks. It is always best to find and repair an issue in a known, controlled situation rather than have it occur at an inopportune time such as on a weekend at 3:00am.

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