DP Air Gives Back

AltaMed is incredibly grateful to all of our supporters for helping us raise over $3 million during this worldwide crisis. Without those contributions, AltaMed would not be able to continue providing the life-saving and preventive services that will help curb this pandemic and ultimately help reopen the economy. 

During the beginning stages of the COVID-19 outbreak in March, DP Air teamed up with AltaMed to help the people of Los Angeles and Orange Counties stay protected.   

Because of DP Air’s generous contribution AltaMed was able to launch a three-pronged Community Response Action plan to keep patients safe and healthy.  AltaMed was able to: 

  1. Increase staffing and supply additional equipment across 34 medical and PACE sites. This includes both clinic and support staff (e.g., non-medical staff for phone banks); 
  2. Expand community triage capabilities, including “drive-through testing,” a nurse advice line, and home visits for our most at-risk patients; 
  3. Extend clinical hours for Urgent Care and Clinical Sites. 


DP Air’s donation helped with “drive-through” COVID-19 testing stations to avoid the spread of the illness, these testing sites are currently testing 1,500 people per day on average.  We contributed to help provide tents, iPads, tablets, headsets, video monitors and medical testing equipment so RNA samples from nasal swabs could be transmitted directly to a testing center.  We helped provide appropriate childcare to those essential frontline workers who have children so that they could focus on treating their patients. We appreciate AltaMed for all they have done to help others during this pandemic.  We are proud to be a part of such a wonderful cause.  

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