What to Do With All That Halloween Candy?!

Donating Halloween candy

Halloween is so much fun! The leaves are changing, and the weather is cooling down; pumpkins and decorations line the porches in neighborhoods, and spooky movies take over Netflix! There are haunted houses for those that enjoy being scared, while others host or attend dress-up parties showing off their costumes. Kids love the thrill of trick-or-treating while stocking their candy supplies. We all know that there will be more Halloween candy than we know what to do with. Once the kids come down from their Halloween sugar highs, there are options and some worthy causes that will take all of that excess candy off your hands. Here are some sweet options for donating candy:


Donating Halloween candy to the troops


  1. Treats for Troops – Run by Soldier’s Angels, this program allows you to send sweets to soldiers. Kids can earn buyback prizes, and you can get a tax-deductible receipt for your donations.
  2. Operation Gratitude – Through Operation Gratitude, you can be matched with a local military unit, first responder department or veteran organization OR ship your candy to Operation Gratitude. Remember, don’t include powdered candy, unwrapped candy, or homemade food. Operation Gratitude distributes the candy along with care packages.Donating candy to veterans
  3. Dentist Offices – did you know that many local dentist offices are willing to take your candy and donate it to different causes? Some dentist offices will donate your candy to veteran programs, some will offer a buyback program, and others will donate it to the Ronald McDonald House. Check your local dentist offices to see if they are participating.

Sharing Halloween candy


So after the kids enjoy their fair share of candy (and mom and dad get some sugar, too), remember that many people cannot participate in the joys of Halloween. By donating and sharing your candy, you can brighten up someone’s day and have a happy experience.




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